About Content Creation Training™ (CCT™)

contentcreationtraining.com Content Creation Training™ (CCT™) is a division of the World Profit Club Alliance™ (WPCA™) and Josserand Ace ConsultinG™ (JacG™).

We teach people how to write good website content, how to write books (and e-books), how to use Private Label Rights content and correctly, per licensing, modify it to be unique, and, therefore, become the author of it... and more.

Marketing Training

We also teach the various means of marketing the content our students create. This not only allows them to recover their investment in training, but also become a profitable writer or content creator.

Website Creation

In addition to writing, content creation, and marketing training, we provide website design training, templates, and/or custom websites to our students or their customers.

Additional Services

Our students can get traffic generation training, hosting and more from our company through its affiliation with the World Profit Club Alliance and Josserand Ace ConsultinG. We also provide business and life coaching through are affiliation with Big Bang Dreams, as well as Risk Management and Database training through other affiliations.


Also, through our affiliation with Free Lifetime PLR and JacG Membership Website, we provide access to thousands of private label rights products. Our students can use these products, learn more from them, and, where licenses allow, modify and/or resell them!

Our Team

Online Seminars are led by our CEO and/or our Director, both of whom have years of IT, Internet, Marketing, Project Management, Company Startup, Risk Management, Website Design and Programming experience.

Jesse Josserand


Aaron Austin


Coming Soon

Visiting Professor

Coming Soon

Visiting Professor